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Save your money. No hidden charges at the end.

One of the most important considerations in making any move is, of course, “how much will it cost”.

With our long industry knowledge and with respect to our competitors, we know that we cannot be beaten on service or price. We do as little or as much as required to fit most budgets. For local, smaller jobs we charge an hourly rate of £50/hour for one porter and the van, £70/hour for 2 porters and, £80 for three porters. Our minimum charge is two hours, thereafter in increments of thirty minutes.

If you live or move in an area more than 6 miles away from our base, you might be charged a minimum of 3 hours.

For larger moves, we’ll come round to have a look and give you a quote and do our best to advise you on your best option cost-wise. 

Dealing with us you do not additionally pay for any stairs involved, any furniture assembling / disassembling, any additional stops to pick up or drop off or for weekends and Bank Holidays.

The rates will be set. They won’t be guide prices, which means they won’t mysteriously creep up at any point.

Any additional costs such as congestion charge, parking or diesel for long distance will be discussed with you before your move is confirmed.

there will never be any hidden costs!

We are here to make moving more easier, more affordable, and customised for everyone!

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