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The big day is coming and it must be a thrill, not a chore. Though we would love to pack for you if you’re reading this, you have probably decided to do the packing yourself so please follow these tips.

All of our bits of advice have their roots in our long field of experience and they will make your move safer and easier.

Be organised

  • make a priority packing list.

Unless you travel light you might not be able to unpack everything immediately so an “essential” box is very important.

  • allow plenty of time for packing.

The process is a marathon, not a  sprint

  • get boxes in a variety of sizes.

Use strong, sturdy boxes (corrugated cardboard) and good quality tape. This way, you’ll avoid having your possessions strewn on the ground. If you don’t request the packaging materials from us, please buy them from specialised companies. We recommend “PHS teacrate”. They are cheaps as well.

  • use small boxes for heavy items (books) or large boxes for light stuff (bed sheets, cushions, pillows, duvets, clothes)
  • as much as possible fill the boxes all the way up to the top.

This way they won’t collapse when stacked. Always label them as “fragile” or “heavy” and mention the room where they belong. Unpacking will be easier.

  • never mix in the same box heavy items with fragile items.
  • all your fragile belongings (vases, ceramic lamps, pictures, paintings) must be bubble-wrapped.
  • please pack the plates, pots, glasses in small boxes. They all need to be individually wrapped in tissue paper. For genuine china please use acid-free paper. If you need any advice in this matter please ask us and one of us will show you how.
  • make sure your contents insurance will cover breakages and damage in case of any unexpected mishaps ( if you do the packing, our insurance won’t help).
  • as much as possible, keep the weight of the boxes to a minimum.
  • the big pieces of furniture need to be disassembled. If you can’t do this, we will do it with pleasure. 
  • remove the water from the iron, tumble dryer etc.
  • remove the shades and the bulbs from the lamps
  • remove all the items in the drawers
  • remove all your worries. Job done!

We wish you all the best of luck and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other queries.

with us your stuff are in great hands!

We are here to make moving more easier, more affordable, and customised for everyone!

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